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Colao' Beauty Products LLC. Was founded in May 2021, with the purpose of sharing our natural but effective products to everybody that has natural common skin issues but is perfect for SkinCare. We know it's not easy finding the perfect product without having side effects such as burning, tearing the skin, and chemicals that only affect the skin.

Besides our gourmet coffee being a natural preservative, caffeine has a good amount of antioxidants, anti-septics, and nutrients that benefit our body in so many ways, which you can check out on our Instagram page (@Colao_) we will update you on what product, why and how to use them in order to achieve that healthy glowy silky skin we always want!

Our main focus is to utilize Fresh and Natural ingredients, we have a special access to "Mis Abuelos" farm in Mayaguez, PR. who provide us with the best quality organic gourmet red coffee beans for our products, because obviously you deserve anything but the best for you body.

This is not "Arabica" Coffee. The coffee grounds we blend with other botanically derived ingredients and essential oils, 100% are organic and locally grown in the state of Puerto Rico.


The natural process they use to go from fruit to ground coffee, it's all completely naturally processed and not mixed with any chemical or other imitation or phony ingredients during the making process so you can safely enjoy your Colao' Beauty SkinCare products without a worry.


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